By self-performing work that many of our competitors must subcontract, we eliminate an additional markup, thereby reducing costs for the owner. When a substantial portion of the work is performed by our own forces, we can monitor the schedule more accurately and make labor adjustments more rapidly than we can through secondary contractors. This often accelerates project completion. Also, through self-performance, we have direct control over the quality of workmanship and the safety of the workplace. Our ability to self-perform gives us superior control over time, cost, quality, and safety. The amount of work we self-perform can range from 5 to 95 percent, depending on the type of construction.

JA Smith & Company has the capacity to self-perform in a variety of areas:

  •     Foundation and related excavation
  •     Concrete (walls, flat work, specialty)
  •     Light framing and miscellaneous iron
  •     Layout, engineering
  •     Rough & finish carpentry
  •     Metal stud framing & sheetrock
  •     Quality control
  •     Final inspection, job closeout
  •     Acoustical ceilings
  •     Flooring (LVT & VCT)
  •     Floor grinding & polishing
  •     Priming & Painting
  •     Doors, frames, hardware
  •     More, inquire

Self-performing capabilities add value for all clients, as well as, can serve projects in the following distinct ways:

#1: Saving time through:

  • Efficient scheduling
  • Faster team coalition
  • Flexibility
  • Motivation
  • Control

#2: Saving money through knowledge:

  • Task related labor necessities
  • Material options and availability
  • Understanding market fluctuations
  • Accurate budget information
  • Recommendations for best value

 #3: Controlling quality through:

  • Utilization of  talented craft worker teams
  • On time guarantees
  • In budget completion of trades
  • On site responsibility
  • More efficient methodology

#4: Ensuring safety through:

  • Enforced safety standards
  • Experienced individual project teams
  • Correction of risky behaviors
  • Utilizing skilled laborers
  • Following in-house safety controls

Our self-perform capabilities enables us to keep your project on schedule without sacrificing quality, safety, or budget.